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Keep an eye on your spending habits though, because you might end up splurging unexpectedly. This full moon will be about striking a balance between needing your own independence and being open to sharing your life with someone else. Full moons are about releasing whatever is no longer serving you, so any negative relationship and dating patterns will have to go. You may encounter some relationship frustrations along the way as you work through any anxieties you have surrounding intimacy. Read your weekly Horoscope below.

The full moon happening in your sign might leave you more emotional than usual as you try to figure out how you can be with someone while still holding on to your independence.

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Taurus, you are taking some time to yourself this week. With the full moon happening in your 12th house, you are being asked to slow down to avoid burning out. Meanwhile, as Venus moves into your 7th house, you could also be welcoming new romance into your life, and you will find it easier to smooth over any relationship problems that arise.

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Meanwhile, with Venus moving into your 6th house and facing off with Uranus, there could be some positive advancements at work. You might receive helpful feedback on a project, or coworkers will be friendlier than usual. With the full moon happening in your 10th house, you will have to pull yourself away from your emotions to focus on work.

You are going through a period of career development, so you might be setting new long-term goals for yourself. With Venus moving into your 5th house, you will be embracing the real you. As your fun side comes out to play, you are pushing your insecurities to the side for now, and in turn people will want to be around you. With the full moon happening in your 9th house, this week you will be shifting your attention away from the demands of everyday life to focus on the bigger picture. As you explore the world, you might also be finding a new set of beliefs that work for you.

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Meanwhile, with Venus moving into your 4th house and facing off with Uranus, you might want to make some adjustments at home. You could be redecorating or you may just be feeling a little restless. August 23 - September You like everything to be done in a very specific way, Virgo, but this week you will be learning how to let go of your controlling tendencies. As Venus moves into your 3rd house and opposes Uranus, you may encounter some sudden routine changes or unexpected travel could come up.

September 24 - October As Venus moves into your 2nd house, you might have some unexpected money hitting your bank account, or it could be that you will want to treat yourself more in the coming days. October 24 - November However, with the full moon happening in your 6th house, you are realising that you need to get a better routine in place.

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You might be figuring out how you can get tasks done more efficiently at work or how you can better collaborate with your coworkers. Meanwhile, Venus is moving into your sign which will draw people to you like a magnet. You might be welcoming romance into your life, or attracting all types of new people in the coming weeks.

November 23 - December With the full moon happening in your 5th house, you will be taking pride in your own creative projects, or you might be caught up in a new love interest. This time by yourself is rare, so enjoy it while it lasts.