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Chinese New Year Day is the first lunar day of the first lunar month. The new moon date and time of the first lunar month are on January 25, , at Chinese time zone.

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The first day of the Chinese zodiac year is the first day of the Tiger month. The Start of Spring is the time when the sun enters the th degree on the tropical zodiac. If a baby is born on and after February 4, , then it is a Rat baby. If a baby is born before February 4, , then it is a Pig baby. More information at your Chinese zodiac sign page. Geng is Male Metal and Zi is Rat. The zodiac name of is Yang Metal Rat. Yin is female and Yang is male.

Virgo Horoscope 2020

The color of Metal is White. Therefore, is the Male White Metal Rat year. Before predicting your fortune regarding your money, career, marriage or health in , you have to know what type of Element you are and what your Lucky Element is from your Astrology Birth Chart. The Lucky Element is the major factor to determine people's fortune. If your Lucky Element is Metal, then Metal of will bring you good luck. If your Lucky Element is Water, then Rat of will bring good fortune to you.

For details and more accurate predictions, the first step to know your fortune is to know which elements and animals are in your birth chart. You can find that information from the Chinese Astrology Lucky Element page using your birthday and birth time. This person was born on June 15, , or June 30, The symbol of the upper row of the Day Column a. Day Master represents the person.

So we can say Day Master is Male Fire , which represents this person.

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The birth chart has too little Metal and needs more Metal to balance the Five Elements. Therefore, the Lucky Element is Metal. The birth chart is full of Earth and Fire. Fire and Earth are considered as unlucky elements.

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Rat mainly contains Water. Therefore, the year of brings in Water. The Metal of is related to money. This person has a good opportunity for prosperity. The Water of Rat is related to the job.

Virgo Horoscope

He will focus on career opportunities or job responsibilities. Yang Metal is connected to weapons, armor or strong wind. Rat is connected to cold water, rain or ocean. Yang Metal Rat benefits people whose Lucky Element is metal or water. Yang Metal Rat is a sign of armored Rat or windy rainstorm.

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Metal is the mother element of Rat water. Rat is gathering the energy for the next challenge or battle. The sign is training and education time. Yang Metal Rat is a very powerful water combination. We need to focus on water. Too much water might cause a hurricane or landslide to damage the properties. This is a sign of money loss, collapse, and dispute. The following table shows people's fortune in based on their Luck Elements. Fundamentally, will bring significant luck. The Metal of will enforce the strength of your Lucky Element.

When you need helps, your mentors or dignitaries will appear to guide you and give you good advice. As long as Fire is not around the Metal, you will have an excellent fortune in Rat is in the Water group. Metal is the mother element of Water. The mother will give all she has to her child. If you ask help from Metal, Metal cannot have full energy to help you in Basically you have very good luck in The Metal of is the mother element of Water. Metal will fully support Water, which is a very good sign. Metal can protect Water from attacking by the Earth.

Metal and Water will be a good pair to ensure your good fortune. You should have very good luck in of Rat. The Water of will provide enough water supplies whenever you need it.

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Your mentors or dignitaries are always around to guide you and give you good advice. As long as Earth is away from your Lucky Element Water, you will have great fortune in Winter will be your good season. Metal and Wood are opposite elements. Wood is afraid of Metal. The Metal of will bring pressure on Wood.

Metal is unfavorable to you. Metal will diminish your luck in Female Wood loves everything regarding Male Metal and forgets the characteristics of Wood. Your helper is busy with his or her love relationship.

He or she is unable to help you anymore. This doesn't look good in You will have very good luck in of Rat. The Water of is the mother element of Wood. Water will fully support Wood, which is a very good sign. Water can protect Wood from attacking by the Metal. Water and Wood will be a good pair to ensure your good fortune. Metal and Fire are opposite elements. They have fighting relationship. Mercury harmonizes with generous Jupiter, hopefully bringing some financial boons for your brilliant ideas, or pushing you toward a raise. Go out and meet people, make or sever connections that are fitting to your standards in friendships.

As Virgo season unfolds, witness how all of your preaching plays out in practice. Leo season found you getting your elevator pitch and philosophy tight, but Virgo season puts you in the spotlight, calling you to put your beliefs into action. You still have time to perfect your mission statement, especially as messenger Mercury harmonizes with your planetary ruler Jupiter, helping you see these big ideas come to fruition. Assert yourself and show up for yourself as action planet Mars meets Venus, the planet of values, this weekend.

You are the sign that is known for being outspoken, but when you get called out for oversight, play it cool. Your ideas have enough breathing room for expansion, intellectually and personally. For Capricorns all over the world, Leo season has been a time of intense change. There is still some progress to be made behind the scenes, though. As Mercury, the planet of communication, harmonizes with Jupiter, the planet of growth, you can move forward on making some room for your own peace of mind. Spirituality or mindful meditation is helpful for making peace with the things you cannot control.

Friendships and partnerships of any kind are progressing as important, lighthearted, and open conversations take place. Messenger Mercury harmonizes with bubbly Jupiter, adding giggly and optimistic interpersonal understanding to your relationships. Virgo season will help you grow your intimate relationships in a way that is serious, but productive on a material level, as planets move through your house of shared resources.

You can cut things out of your life this weekend as warrior Mars meets Venus, the planet of values, in your house of transformation. Hone in on what turns you on rather than what turns you off. You can see the bigger picture—messenger Mercury is in harmony with bubbly Jupiter, helping you look on the bright side. Virgo season finds you busy getting organized and tackling your to-do list.

Get the dancing and excitement out of your system as flirty Mercury in Leo harmonizes with party-hopping Jupiter in Sagittarius, encouraging you to go on dates and socialize with your friends in over-the-top and extravagant ways. This weekend your planetary ruler, warrior Mars, meets with sweet Venus, giving you extra strength to take care of yourself in a way that is focused and precise.