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Taurus and Cancer Love and Romance

Whisper in their ear how much you like to make love to them and you will see the results. When it comes to their sex life, pleasure is more important than excitement , and they crave bodily contact. They are not attracted to sexual experimentation.

Love and Sex with Taurus

One interesting thing worth mentioning is that finances greatly influence the sex drive of a Taurian man. The more money he has, the more sexually active he becomes. On the other hand, luxury is a great turn on for Taurus women. Baby Names.

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Taurus Sexual Compatibility: Slow and Sensual in Bed

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Pop Culture. Healthy Living. We're Hiring! Sexually, these two earth signs are lustful and view their lovemaking as serious business! Taurus is extremely creative. Many famous musicians and composers are Taureans. Capricorns are creative, boasting famous writers and painters among their zodiac sign. Their first date could be a book reading or concert followed by a fun dinner at an exotic restaurant.

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In a relationship, Taurus represents stability, financial security and security for the future. Taurus wants to be comfortable with creature comforts and a cozy home. A Taurus woman loves to be sensual, cuddling up on the sofa and watching TV or a movie. The Taurus male has an enormous capacity to give.

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With a grounded sense of reality, Capricorns are traditional and lead orderly lives. They do, however, have a very dry sense of humor and are keen observers on life.

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  • Taurus Sexual Compatibility: Slow and Sensual in Bed;
  • This lover is just as comfortable with a lovely quiet evening at home with their lover. Watching movies of family vacations snuggled up on the sofa with Taurus will find them happy as clams. Both sexes of Capricorn possess enough differences and share enough traits with Taurus to stay interested in each other for a lifetime.