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Advanced Book Search Browse by Subject. Make an Offer. A lot of freedom and independence was noticed in that life. Thus, this person has to learn to deal with people in this life. Isolation becomes a rare quality in life as he has to exchange his ideology with others and on a face-to-face basis. If he tries to isolate and withdraw from society, the circumstances force him to be with others. Considerable intellectual dissipation of knowledge is seen in this life; and communicative means are extremely significant for him. He seldom has a chance or opportunity to cultivate his emotional and material base.

Thus, those elements are very significant in this life structure. Donna van Toen You need to share your awareness with others. I can't learn anything that way'. Your problems are likely to include an obsession with learning but no interest in using your knowledge in any practical way. Difficulty establishing lasting relationships leads to over-valuation of books, classes and other intellectual activities that provide indirect communication. Possible reasons for these problems include: that a need for long-term concentration on study or some sort of cultural, ethnic or religious difference has interfered with the formation of relationships; that a speech impediment has caused you to turn to books instead of people; that a literary career limits people contact; dependency on reading as an escape from a boring routine; that poor judgement about people has caused you to place your trust only in 'proven' sources of information; that a lack of concentration has led to communication problems and misunderstandings; or that you have a need to conquer ain ingrained feeling of stupidity or inferiority.

Possible solutions: Develop your latent communication skills. Channel your intellect instead of being a slave to it. Share your knowledge with othes to that they can learn. Become a professional trivia expert, a con artist, or a perpetual student.

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He or she is good at tossing out facts, lecturing, impressing others with long streams of beautiful words or technical jargon, and so on. But he or she quite often talks at others rather than with them. The Gemini North Node tends to quote books verbatim, drop names, quibble over semantics.

He or she talks skillfully about facts and theories, but generally is at a loss when it comes to applying them or sharing his or her feelings about them. In fact, this person generally avoids sharing any facet of his or her personality beyond the intellectual side. This is a shame since North Node in.

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Gemini invariably holds great potential for perception. Development of this potential brings a deepening of the intellect so that ideas can be used for the practical betterment of his day-to-day relationships and living conditions. Signs of an over-developed Sagittarius south node are: a tendency to flirt, flatter and charm but reveal nothing; an expectations that others will hinder his or her freedom; a tendency to ridicule others; being generally on his or her way somewhere - 'only having a minute'; a first instinct to take off when pressured; a tendency to promise more than he or she can deliver; a distrust of security and routine; being accused by others of being unreliable.

North Node in Gemini dreams of a life of variety. He or she wants to be seen as adaptable and a good conversationalist. He or she also wants to be thought of as an educated person. In reality, this is a person who transmutes emotions into interests. He or she is interested in spirituality, education, travel, and similar Sagittarius-ruled things, but in a passive, abstract way rather than in terms of experiencing and enriching the life.

He or she may mix well with others, but only as long as he or she can assume the role of teacher. Thie teaching isn't necessarily a formal or professional role, but it permeates most interactions just the same; and in the course of assuming this role, much of North Node in Gemini's enthusiasm for life is misused or wasted.

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Extremism of some sort may also mar conversational skills. Antidotes for Gemini imbalance: The client should be encouraged to keep a diary. If the client has knowledge to share, he or she should be encouraged to do so through teaching, writing, correspondence, or whatever way is most convenient.

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Travel in moderation often proves beneficial. Involvement in civil rights or community improvement causes can be helpful. The imagination should be tapped so that creativity can be developed and put to use in strategy - planning, writing, photography, or some other area according to the chart. If hte client is amenable to a career change or program of career training, there are many obvious choices that would encourage development of the North Node.

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Among these are: journalism, newspaper work, radio work, television work, fiction writing, Air Force careers, electrical work, reporting, and linguistics. Dancing could be a possibility, although unless the client is very young this would probably be better as a hobby choice that as a career choice.

The client should be encouraged to steer clear of tiring or repetitive routines that don't provide opportunities to develop adaptability. At the same time, he must be discouraged from the 'Jack of all trades, master of none' syndrome. If there are signs of perpetual studentism, the client should be encouraged to start doing something with his present store of knowledge before trying to tain more. Hobbies should stress physical agility and manual dexterity. Origami, mobile-making, collage-making and the like are recommended.

For the more active, fencing, tennis, golf, and dancing are good choices. It brings light in the darkness which may surround the native, helps him to see clearly into his affairs, and to act judiciously without hesitating. If inimical people or events encompass him, he will soon discover their weak point, and thus conquer them.

The position is a lucky one. It gives the opportunity of extricating oneself from trouble and of overcoming. It is a sure protection, and a promise of progress without strife or violence. The Dragon's Tail in Capricorn is a very evil position. It brings with it sorrow, and a tendency to neurasthenia, which it is difficult to overcome. It gives the native a character or disposition which is subject to constant changes; it is also a sign of disappointment in love through the native's own fault, as he has not the gift of attracting love. It is not always detrimental to the worldly position, but the native will not know how to enjoy life; he is ever seeking trouble, and this does not help to create a cheerful atmosphere for those who come into contact with him.

Isabel Hickey North Node in Cancer gives domesticity and a mothering nature. Integration comes through furthering these qualities. Great sensitivity toward the suffering of others. Homekeeping would be an integrating force in the life. South Node in Capricorn would show past habits of selfish ambition and a desire for power for self and to dominate over others. This tendency would have to be faced and overcome. Martin Schulman Here the soul enters the current life with much inner pride. The individual finds it difficult to understand why others do not show him the strong respect he has been accustomed to in past incarnations.


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As a result, prestige and the pursuit of dignity continue to be the motivators of all actions. Some with these Nodes will even marry to achieve the social status of the subconscious Capricorn memory. In past incarnations this soul worked hard for recognition.